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We provide Global Trademark Registration Service. You can file your trademark in any country using simple forms through 100% secure & verified payment checkout. Our 24/7 global support team and lawyers gives you the best services you have ever seen anywhere. United Legal Experts made it easy for the global businesses to secure their trademarks using a single platform as ONE STOP SHOP to apply in as many countries as they want and our Trademark specialist will take care of government technicalities.

Comprehensive Trademark Search gives you the idea of availability for the Trademark you wish to apply. With the Comprehensive Trademark Search you might see a possible conflicts with your trademark idea which would eventually save you from any possible infringement, litigation or waste of money.

Through advance Comprehensive Trademark Search you will save your time, money and business which is why this is the most important step before stepping into trademark filling process. The process is quick

Fill out the online questionnaire

We will Run Comprehensive Search Manual and through Softwares

You will receive a detailed report of the list of conflicting Trademarks.

Statement of Use is only application for the clients who have already filed the Trademark in USA (USPTO) and Notice of Allowance has been issued on the application. Our specialist prepare the Statement of Use also called Allegation of Use to file with the USPTO. This is normally a final step and the most important step before your trademark registration certificate is issued and a large number of trademark application being rejected by the USPTO Examiners because they are not filed in the right manner.

We at United Legal Experts make sure that the filling must meet the USPTO requirements and international standards. Our specialist lawyers prepare the Statement of Use/Allegation of Use to file with the USPTO and guides you through the process.

Once the trademark is initially accepted by the regional Intellectual Property office, the application get published under the local laws for third party opposition. Anyone from the third party may file the opposition on the grounds they feel threatened. Normally the maximum period of opposition in any country is 2 months which may be extended on the formal request to IPO office.

Our professional team have the ability to file the opposition in any country where you feel threatened from other trademarks. Our local professionals at United Legal Experts will prepare the opposition, discuss the grounds with you and file it with the IPO office.

Cancellation is filed after the trademark is registered, you missed the opposition date or you were unaware of the trademark and feel after the registration of the trademark that the trademark would likely to confuse with your brand in general public. There is no time limit to file the cancellation, it can be filed anytime after the trademark is registered. However, the delay in filling cancellation should be supported by the genuine reasons.

You have to renew your trademark if your trademark has passed the species time period. Every country has its own requirement to fulfil but every country would require a renewal fee. Our specialist would take you through the whole process. You just have to fill out the simple questionnaire and rest will be taken care of United Legal Experts professionals.

Trademark Watch gives you the opportunity to safeguard your assets through using our specialised tools through which you can monitor your intellectual property assets. Through Trademark watch our specialist will keep an eye 24/7 online on your brand with advance integrated software technology. We also take immediate actions in case we found any infringements of your brand and raise with the local authorities in some cases.

If you are looking to get your trademark protected globally than you have to file your trademark in several countries which would be easier for you to handle and expand your business globally. You can get the quote from our support team to get started with your global protection.

United Legal Experts handle all the trademark application through experts consultants, professionals and lawyers. You can easily contact your personal assigned attorney or consultant through ONECLICK.

Normally to protect your trademark globally you have to file the trademark country by country. However, there are some regional agreements which gives you protection in multiple countries e.g EUIPO, OAPI, ARIPO.

If you are facing any serious infringements, counterfeit productions or someone is seriously damaging your brand reputation. We at United Legal Experts can take care of any kind of IP litigation anywhere in the wold though our specialised Trademark and IP attorneys. Our global offices have the capability to stop the infringements or counterfeit production immediately through escalating it to judicial body in any country.

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