Stanislav A ShamayevSenior Partner USA

Areas of expertise
  • Intellectual Property
  • Crypto
  • Blockchain Industries
  • Contractual Matters
  • Law, Florida St. Thomas Law School
  • Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • FAU Honors
Mr Shamayev is a business and corporate attorney who specializes in crypto,  blockchain and intellectual property. Shamayev started his career with assisting foreign businessmen to bring their investment to the USA. Shamayev joined United Legal Experts since 2019 and since than playing very important role in expanding the network to several states. 

United Legal Experts is committed to digitalize the legal services and bring ease of service so our clients face no hassle.

Stanislav Shamayev graduated St. Thomas Law School in 2015 with honors. He was a top 5% student in his class and received numerous awards for excellence in academic achievements. He was a Vice-President of an Honorable Organization and a member of Complex Litigation Magazine.  His bachelor’s degree is in Criminology and Criminal Justice.  He graduated FAU in 2012 with honors and award for the community services.

Shamayev interned with the Honorable US Magistrate Judge Barry Seltzer and Third DCA in Florida. Shamayev was a speaker at a number of CLE seminars, national conferences, and foreign government educational sessions. 

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