Brand protection is a process of protecting Intellectual property of your brand against counterfeits, trademark infringements, design infringements, patent infringements and copyright infringements. Having a good strategy of brand protection gives your brand a protective cover from possible infringements. 

Rouge Websites 

Websites created in intention to blackmail the legitimate company who owns the trademark or try to infringing its property. This culture is quite normal in today’s era with the growing online industry. 

Social Media Impersonation

 Social media is the place where IP theft is very common. If you will not take action immediately they may ruin your brand and hold grip online which will have a strong negative effect. A brand owner should take the responsibility to protect its brand on social media.

Search Engine protection  

Protecting your brand in different search engines is very crucial and important for your brand. Taking the right decision at the right time is important. We can search your brand round the clock 24/7 to check the possible infringers. 

Copyright Infringements 

One of the most common types of infringement in today’s world is copyright infringement. However, a very small number of people are aware of the legal rights of a copyright work. Our brand protection team can actively work to protect your copyright work and guide you, your legal rights. 

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